Proper Blanket Handling Techniques

Enviro Image Solutions illustrates how to best handle printing blankets to maximize returning yield and savings through the Blanket Renewal Program. Believe it or not, but more than 40% of all damages are caused by mishandling on first orders. That is why we require that you always treat the blankets as if they were new.

During testing phase:

1. Carefully tape the sharp metal edges on the blankets to prevent cuts or scrapes from bar abrasions to the surface of the blanket.
2. Place the blankets face to face and pack the box/tube in two’s. Please take extra special care to ensure that the metal bars don’t drag across or scrape the rubber surface when packing.
3. Please treat your used blankets as if they were new as they are now multiple use items. The blankets should be free of visible cuts or open breakage to the rubber.

Every print shop should elect a Blanket Champion to be in charge of the program. This ensures complete oversight and accountability of the success of the program.

Alternative Link – Proper Blanket Handling Techniques Video

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