Recommended Testing Method

It is important to test the renewed blankets using our recommended testing method – as it is the only way to truly test the printing capability and quality of the renewed blankets vs a new blanket.

The best way to win over press crews and get them onside with this program is to incorporate the blanket test on a high end job rather than one of average quality.  The renewed blankets should be switched over mid-run once the job is stable and the sheet is printing at its best using new blankets.

Once the renewed blankets are installed for the test, please hand wipe the printing surface with water first and then follow with a blanket wash.  This really is the only way to do an accurate comparison of the renewed blankets to new blankets.

This mid-run switch has four main objectives:
1) It stops the blankets from being pulled in early stages of the make-ready before a proper test can be run and judgment be made.
2) It eliminates the question:  “Could I have achieved better print quality on new blankets?”
3) It side steps the many variables, such as: stock, roller settings, impression squeeze, and others that could derail an honest blanket trial.
4) It gives you the ability to properly analyze the print, based on printed results by comparing the renewed against the new blankets – a true apple to apples comparison.

The renewed blankets will have a tattoo (deep stain within the ink well of the rubber surface) on the surface of the blanket.  However, this tattoo has no impact on the printability of the blankets.  Unfortunately, however, too many opinions are formed on physical appearance rather than through a true scientific test of performance.

The most challenging aspect of successful implementation is changing the pressroom culture, as press crews are normally resistant to losing the liberty of always installing a new blanket.  However, once they are won over through the test, this program will be successful and that your savings will be substantial. Visit Enviro Image Solutions to get started now!

One thought on “Recommended Testing Method

  1. […] Choose a medium to longer run job.  Make-ready the job with new blankets and begin printing.  Once the job is stable and it is completely settled (typically around the half way mark), remove the new blankets, install the renewed blankets and compare the printing results.  Because a renew blanket doesn’t look new it is important to perform an unbiased test and judge it on performance rather than its visual characteristics. More information on our Recommended Testing Method. […]

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