Comfort Blanket

Enviro Image Solutions has introduced new technology that can save printers thousands of dollars and prevent thousands of tons of waste.

Traditionally, there have been parts of the printing process that no matter how hard you try are not so easy to green up. Yes, you can easily swap to recycled paper or install ink barreling to save on waste. Yes you can buy a more powerful sensitive press and move to processless plates. Yes you can run to an environmental management system and enthuse all your staff to go green. But there are still those niggling areas that are hard to resolve.

One such area is blankets. You have to have them, and you need to ensure quality, and some suppliers have looked at ways to make their products greener, by using different materials and providing recycling schemes.

One company you may not know that has been working to do just this is Enviro Image Solutions (EIS).

Save 70%

For the last seven years, EIS has been working in its native country and pioneering the idea that printing blankets are  multi-use items with its Blanket Renewal Program. Thanks to the innovative technology, what was once a one-time only consumable can now be renewed and reused an average of four times. This saves printers up to 70% of their blanket costs and think of all the waste that you will be saving too. That’s right – a 70% savings. Well, we think you don’t have to be green to realize that simply makes good business sense!

EIS has now expanded the business internationally, as printing companies world-wide try to make the most efficient use of their consumables, both to save money and to support sustainability initiatives.

No Landfill

The company can also analyze the damage on individual blankets. It can diagnose inefficiencies that cause damages to the blankets and make custom recommendations without impacting production protocols to prevent those from recurring. This makes the pressroom more efficient. Instead of disposing of tons of printing blanket waste into landfill, those blankets that cannot be renewed are repurposed into alternative fuel, keeping blanket waste entirely out of landfill.

The Enviro Image Solutions’ Blanket Renewal Program is endorsed by large high-end printers across Canada, the USA, Japan and the UK. In 2007, EIS won the PIA/GATF Intertech Award.

Enviro Image Solutions Customer Banners

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