Shirt Off Your Back Challenge

Imagine spending your life buying a new shirt every day with someone else’s money.  Imagine the waste caused by using your shirt only once and then throwing it in the landfill. Shirt manufactures, who only profit from making new shirt, even said that you couldn’t use a shirt twice. Then a laundry is invented and the shirt can be renewed and reused over and over again if you don’t damage or mistreat it. But you decide that it’s not worth it to properly examine the laundry and save someone else’s money.

 Now replace,

someone else’s” money with “your” money,

shirt(s)” with “printing blanket(s)”,

laundry” with “Blanket Renewal Technology”,

and reread…

Still make sense?  I didn’t think so.  Take action.  Start your free 10 blanket trial today.



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