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We always look for creative ways to keep printing blanket waste out of landfills. Recycling is included in the Blanket Renewal Program as we only every send back and charge for those blankets that can be reused on press. Accordingly, we always have an inventory of blankets that need to be recycled. In addition to recovering the blankets for use as alternative solid fuel, we also make many products from used printing blankets, which have been a huge hit for our customers and their customers. Take a look at these cool initiatives including iPad Sleeves and Belts. You can view more photos on our Flickr page.

If you are a printer looking to save money and the environment or would like to learn more please visit Enviro Image Solutions or contact us below.

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Improve Productivity

As part of the EIS Blanket Renewal Program, we analyze the unique physical damage on each printer’s blankets to identify issues that reduce blanket life and negatively impact production efficiency. We then make pressroom specific recommendations to prevent the physical damage from recurring on press. Implementing these recommendations is the key to maximizing your savings with little or no impact to existing production protocols. Our goal is to make your new and renewed blankets last longer on press, resulting in a more productive press room and cleaner presses.

Continuous improvement coordinators love the service. The Enviro Image Solutions Press Room Diagnostic Reports help identify those otherwise hidden production costs that negatively impact each job and your bottom line. Our custom recommendations for your press room will result in a more consistent printing environment and keep presses maintenance free for longer. We measure improvements with every order and communicate those to you. These reports are used as real time feedback on issues directly impacting efficiency and also illustrate press room responsiveness (or lack thereof) to the program. Printers find our Photo Albums useful when trying to better understand each issue that has been outlined on the Press Room Diagnostic Report.

PIA/GATF 2007 Intertech Technology Award For Innovative ExcellenceEnviro Image Solutions PIA/GATF Intertech Award 2007


Are You A Candidate?

In general if a printer uses more than 10 offset printing blankets per month, they are a candidate for the Enviro Image Solution Blanket Renewal Program. EIS can renew any ink type, blanket manufacturer, size or barring system.

What EIS Can Renew
Sheetfed blankets
Web/forms blankets (heatset or coldset)*
Gapless sleeve blankets (metal or fibreglass backed)*
KBA genius blankets*

*success with select printers & eligibility determined print shop to print shop.

We at Enviro Image Solutions are your blanket experts and we are always willing to take on new R&D projects so please contact EIS if the offset blanket you use is not mentioned and you would like to start saving on your blanket costs.

If you want to take part in the EIS Free Trial and start saving over half of your blankets costs, please send us 10 of your spent printing blankets.

Enviro Image Solutions Your Blanket Experts

No Obligation Free Trial

We will renew your first 10 spent printing blankets for free and without obligation! Judge the results for yourself — the proof is in the printing. Follow the 3 easy steps below to take part in the free trial.

Box It
Carefully place your 10 spent blankets in their original packaging.
Ship It
Ship the blankets to:
Enviro Image Solutions
1421 East Pender Street, Vancouver, BC, V5L 1V7
Love It
We will ship your press ready renewed blankets back to your plant, together with our Recommended Testing Method, for trial on your press.

We are the only company in the world offering this service. Try it, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Just like the rest of our customers, we know that you will be impressed with the results. 

Click here for the 10 Blanket Free Trial and start saving up to 60% of your blanket costs!

Recommended Testing Method

It is important to test the renewed blankets using our recommended testing method – as it is the only way to truly test the printing capability and quality of the renewed blankets vs a new blanket.

The best way to win over press crews and get them onside with this program is to incorporate the blanket test on a high end job rather than one of average quality.  The renewed blankets should be switched over mid-run once the job is stable and the sheet is printing at its best using new blankets.

Once the renewed blankets are installed for the test, please hand wipe the printing surface with water first and then follow with a blanket wash.  This really is the only way to do an accurate comparison of the renewed blankets to new blankets.

This mid-run switch has four main objectives:
1) It stops the blankets from being pulled in early stages of the make-ready before a proper test can be run and judgment be made.
2) It eliminates the question:  “Could I have achieved better print quality on new blankets?”
3) It side steps the many variables, such as: stock, roller settings, impression squeeze, and others that could derail an honest blanket trial.
4) It gives you the ability to properly analyze the print, based on printed results by comparing the renewed against the new blankets – a true apple to apples comparison.

The renewed blankets will have a tattoo (deep stain within the ink well of the rubber surface) on the surface of the blanket.  However, this tattoo has no impact on the printability of the blankets.  Unfortunately, however, too many opinions are formed on physical appearance rather than through a true scientific test of performance.

The most challenging aspect of successful implementation is changing the pressroom culture, as press crews are normally resistant to losing the liberty of always installing a new blanket.  However, once they are won over through the test, this program will be successful and that your savings will be substantial. Visit Enviro Image Solutions to get started now!

Proper Blanket Handling Techniques

Enviro Image Solutions illustrates how to best handle printing blankets to maximize returning yield and savings through the Blanket Renewal Program. Believe it or not, but more than 40% of all damages are caused by mishandling on first orders. That is why we require that you always treat the blankets as if they were new.

During testing phase:

1. Carefully tape the sharp metal edges on the blankets to prevent cuts or scrapes from bar abrasions to the surface of the blanket.
2. Place the blankets face to face and pack the box/tube in two’s. Please take extra special care to ensure that the metal bars don’t drag across or scrape the rubber surface when packing.
3. Please treat your used blankets as if they were new as they are now multiple use items. The blankets should be free of visible cuts or open breakage to the rubber.

Every print shop should elect a Blanket Champion to be in charge of the program. This ensures complete oversight and accountability of the success of the program.

Alternative Link – Proper Blanket Handling Techniques Video

Customer Testimonials

Printers around the world are raving about Enviro Image Solutions revolutionary technology which allows printers to reuse their spent printing blankets for half the cost without sacrificing blanket longevity or print quality.

Large format high quality printers, Pazazz Printing from Montreal, Canada discuss their wonderful experiences with the award-winning Enviro Image Solutions Blanket Renewal Program for those who doubt its capabilities.

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Based out of Illinois, USA & one of the highest end printers in North America, Quantum Group share their successes with the Blanket Renewal Program for skeptics to enjoy.

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