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In-depth on Smashes

Paper Smash
Type #2 Smash – Paper smash that has broken the rubber and cannot be repaired by EIS

Paper smashes commonly occur among conventional printers as bad paper travels through the press. To Enviro Image Solutions, paper smashes are either,  Type #1 (repairable) or Type #2 (not repairable).  Type #2 smashes are generally very severe and the rubber surface is typically broken.  Blankets with Type #2 smashes are not recoverable with our proprietary blanket renewal process as we do not grind or resurface in any way.  Type #1 smashes are repairable as the rubber is unbroken but still has a low spot or dent from the paper hit.  We have multiple processing techniques and routinely repair Type #1 smashes.

Sucker smashes are not a common issue with most print shops and generally happen with new or inexperienced feeder men.  The severity of the sucker smash determines if we can repair the blanket for reuse on press and the same rules apply to sucker smashes as paper smashes; if the rubber has broken, then it is not repairable by Enviro Image Solutions.

Ink smash usually occur when globs of ink fall into the running press causing a round smash and usually fractures the rubber.  These smashes typically occur when excessive ink build up falls off in chunks from the impression cylinders or if the print unit crossbars/ink fountain are in need of maintenance.  However, Enviro Image Solutions considers these types of smashes preventable.  As a general rule, we recommend that that you examine and frequently clean your crossbars, cylinders and other areas where ink build up can dislodge and fall into the running press. A method to reduce the amount of ink build and lower downtime for clean up each shift is to cut your packings to a length and width shorter than the substrate, especially on longer runs.  Over-trimming your packings is generally a very good policy as there are many other side benefits from this practice, including reducing the amount of ink build up that occurs on the impression cylinder, reducing maintenance on your press, improving image transfer, improving ink-water balance, reducing paper waste with each stop and start of the press, etc. and can lower overall blanket usage.

Cutting packings is not a good solution or even possible with certain printers though. To find out more on this and other customized recommendations that can work for your company, send us 10 blankets to participate in our Free Trial to prove the quality of our service and renewed blankets.  As part of our free trial we will send you a Pressroom Diagnostic Report to help make your company become more efficient and lower your overall blanket consumption.  For more info please contact us.

Ink Smash
Type #2 smash – A glob of ink that makes a round indent in the rubber often causing fracture lines in the rubber surface and is not repairable by EIS.




Savings Impact On Sales

If you could save $50,000 in costs, do you know how much in sales your company would have to generate to have the same $50,000 net profit impact?  Considering that most printers have a net profit margin of 2.5%, they would need to generate more than $2,000,000 in sales!

Try it now…  Make money and reduce your blanket costs by more than 50% by subscribing to our award winning Blanket Renewal Program.New Vs Renewed Blankets Enviro Image Solutions

Improve Productivity

As part of the EIS Blanket Renewal Program, we analyze the unique physical damage on each printer’s blankets to identify issues that reduce blanket life and negatively impact production efficiency. We then make pressroom specific recommendations to prevent the physical damage from recurring on press. Implementing these recommendations is the key to maximizing your savings with little or no impact to existing production protocols. Our goal is to make your new and renewed blankets last longer on press, resulting in a more productive press room and cleaner presses.

Continuous improvement coordinators love the service. The Enviro Image Solutions Press Room Diagnostic Reports help identify those otherwise hidden production costs that negatively impact each job and your bottom line. Our custom recommendations for your press room will result in a more consistent printing environment and keep presses maintenance free for longer. We measure improvements with every order and communicate those to you. These reports are used as real time feedback on issues directly impacting efficiency and also illustrate press room responsiveness (or lack thereof) to the program. Printers find our Photo Albums useful when trying to better understand each issue that has been outlined on the Press Room Diagnostic Report.

PIA/GATF 2007 Intertech Technology Award For Innovative ExcellenceEnviro Image Solutions PIA/GATF Intertech Award 2007


Services World-Wide

EIS transport cells arrive from around the world filled with previously used blankets to ready to be renewed. These cells were especially designed to withstand long journeys ensuring the safety of our customer’s printing blankets. They also act as a convenient storage system on the press room floor.

As part of the program, we analyze the unique physical damage on each printer’s blankets to identify issues that reduce blanket life and production efficiency. We then make pressroom specific recommendations to prevent the damage from recurring. These recommendations increase your savings with no impact to existing production protocols; more blankets are able to be renewed multiple times over and new blankets can last longer on press.

Our service is widely endorsed by many of the largest and most quality-conscious printers worldwide. Program participants in the United States, Canada, Japan, and the United Kingdom only pay for blankets successfully renewed.